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Radical Organizing School

Education for Liberation. Education for the People, by the People.


The Radical Organizing School, at VOLAR, is an intergenerational community organizing and social movement school based in East Baltimore. 


We aim to develop and train community leaders in:

  • holistic and transformative community organizing skills and strategies, 

  • Black led-community development, transformative popular financial literacy, and community investment, and more  

  • diverse healing and mindfulness modalities as essential tools toward our liberation, 

  • community-based research, 

  • radical social movement theory

  • cultural organizing tactics and strategies, and

  • art and design


Our Story

Since beginning our work, the Radical Organizing School has organized more than 15 Learning Circles on various themes including:

Black Women and Cooperative Economics

Community-based Land Ownership Models

Organizing for land ownership: 601 Ensor Street Campaign

Resident-led Community Development: VOLAR's model

Black Love

Strategic Planning for Cooperative Organizations

Black August Significance

Healing Power of Plants

Wellness events

Political Education Series on Community Control of Land (7-part series)

Non-profit finances

ROS work over the years

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