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Village of Love and Resistance (“VOLAR”) is a black and brown-led collective with more than 100 years of experience of living, working, worshiping, studying and playing, and praying in East Baltimore. VOLAR plans to renovate and transform a facility into a community and wellness center as well as rebuild and

reinvest into the surrounding area through engagement of the people and implementing neighborhood development projects. We will use a community investment trust fund model to assure investment by legacy residents within several zip codes of our community center. This project is an effort for local residents to co-own and co-lead the redevelopment of their majority black and low income neighborhood(s).

This community engaged business model is based on theMarket Creek Plaza in San Diego and Mercy Corps Northwest in Portland Oregon, which were designed, built and eventually [to be] owned by neighborhood residents in order to remove barriers to financial inclusion and provide low-dollar investment opportunities in commercial and/or residential properties to local residents.

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