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People's Meditation Garden

We need each other Now...

June 28 2022

Dear friends of VOLAR,


We know you are busy...a gentle reminder of our campaign for VOLAR's People's Meditative Garden is below. If you have already donated, please consider sharing this email with your friends, family, and network!


If you're just seeing this...thank you for being there. These are times when we realize and lean into our tribe, our people of support and connection. These are times for creativity. These times invite us to dig fully into collective and find creative ways to move forward in more joy, equity, healing. There are many ways we can act to keep us in the direction of truth and justice.


Supporting VOLAR’s People’s Meditative Garden is one way.

Will you join us?


Celebrating Juneteenth continues us in this direction of truth. It is not just a day in the past, it is now. And it is the future. Together we assure that today we repair the past so that our ancestors benefit and our descendants understand. Reclaiming land, zones of liberation, is a path of repairing the past and creating a future that will benefit all. We welcome you on this path of justice and healing. Do share this campaign with your friends, family, and networks.


Can you go to our Campaign site and share what you can?


In solidarity,


VOLAR's Care Taking Council

Dominic, Katherine, Kenneth, Lenora, Marisela, Pamela, Sabriya




Message from last week....

June 19 2022

Dear VOLAR family,

It’s that time of the year when we remember and celebrate emancipation and all the accomplishments of our African-descendant land ancestors. It’s Juneteenth folks!!

We remember and celebrate and heal the ancestors in us: those who struggled and aided in achieving freedom. We continue to realize the necessity of healing this violent history of enslavement of Black people in the US: a journey of rebuilding, repairing, and reclaiming. 

VOLAR’s People’s Garden is part of this path. 


We invite you to heal with us. Join our efforts to realize our healing space.

Please click on the Go Fund Me site and celebrate this path of healing, freedom. Together we will go further and deeper.


In community, in healing

VOLAR Care Taking Council

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