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Community Organizer - Full time
June 2022 , UPDATED

Community Organizer Job Description

A community organizer is needed for a two-year project led by the Village of Love Resistance (VOLAR) and Baltimore Black Worker Center (BBWC).

The goals of the project will be to:
(1) engage 30 East Baltimore residents in three separate Financial Political Popular Education Trainings,
(2) qualify participants to become investors in a community investment trust fund (CITF)
in East Baltimore, and

(3) increase membership in the Village of Love and Resistance and Baltimore Black Worker Center. The project will also evaluate whether and how participation in the FPPET increases participants’ perceived health and wellbeing and access to social capital.
The Community Organizer will be supervised by a member of the BBWC and
VOLAR partnership, and will be responsible for the following tasks:

1. Engaging community members over the course of the project:
  a. Building and supporting relationships with a range of community groups to ensure
       broad community engagement
  b. Coordinating and supporting the Community Advisory Board activities (e.g.,
       scheduling and coordinating meetings, liaising and maintaining communicating with
       board members)

2. Recruiting participants for the three-part series of Financial Political Popular Education
Training (FPPET) trainings
  a. Design, plan and implement a recruitment strategy to reach target numbers
  b. Design, plan and implement a retention strategy. Build rapport and trust, maintain
       relationships and active communication with each of the three cohorts of 30 FPPET
  c. Establish plan for transportation and managing other logistics for participants (e.g.,
      childcare and other needs) that will encourage participation

3. Assisting with data collection activities
  a. Administer open-ended qualitative in-depth interviews and structured surveys that
       collect self-reported information including demographics, health, and social                  support and participation in community programs
  b. Assist with iterative revision of surveys and data collection procedures

4. Coordinating data entry and cleaning
  a. Supporting analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data
  b. Develop and implement strategy for sharing preliminary findings with Community
       Advisory Board and training participants
  c. Elicit feedback from Community Advisory Board and training participants on initial

5. Supporting Project team in developing and implementing dissemination strategies, including but not limited to written reports and presentations for funders/local stakeholders and training participants, newsletters, social media
Expected hours are 40 hrs a week. Competitive salary with benefits package.

Required skills and training:
  ● Self-motivated
  ● Skilled in working as part of a team
  ● Experience in community organizing in low-income communities of color
  ● Experience in basic data collection, input and analysis
  ● Strong computer, internet, social media skills
  ● Willingness to engage in honest, constructive, mindful, and compassionate reciprocal  critique of self and work of team members with teams and other staff.
  ● Knowledge of Baltimore communities, history, issues and organizations. Baltimore         residents are strongly encouraged to apply and given strong preference.]
  ● Must be willing to commit to at least a 2-year involvement in VOLAR/BBWC    Organizing and Curriculum development project
  ● Ability to build unity and motivate others to action.
  ● Willingness and ability to work with diverse community residents, particularly low-income residents, to overcome barriers to developing their strength as community leaders and decision-makers

Preferred skills and training:
  ● Experience working with low-income workers
  ● Good public and interpersonal communication skills, written, verbal
  ● Ability to see the broad picture and have an eye for detail
  ● Creativity and sense of humor
  ● Working knowledge of critical race theory/intersectionality as it pertains to diversity,    racial, class, and gender equity and inclusion principles and skilled at facilitating conversations
  ● Experience in anti-racism/anti-oppression trainings
  ● Experience/knowledge in public health and social determinants of health

Please send a Cover letter with potential start date and Resume to:


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