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  • Redevelop the Hub as a center that will be occupied by social entrepreneurs and retail business as well as promote mindfulness and wellness and intentional co-housing (6 micro units of co-housing space)

  • Acquire 1025, 1031 E. Monument street (17,000 sq. ft.) through donations and non-interest loans as seed-capital to redevelop as a Hub for equitable, sustainable and healthy economic development projects as well as a community organizing and wellness building initiatives

  • Obtain seed-capital to acquire property so that local residents can participate in low-dollar investments

  • Develop an economic feasibility study to incentivize investors to redevelop the Hub and engage with the community in a concept mapping process to determine the occupants of the Hub

  • Provide economic and literacy trainings to the surrounding community to assure community investment in the Hub and in the acquisition and development of abandoned residential properties in East Baltimore

  • Teach radical community organizing rooted in justice and love through a Radical Young Peoples Academy

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