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                                                                                                   August 2023

Dear Friends and Members of VOLAR,


As we close our Black August month of crowd funding for VOLAR, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words at the March on Washington in 1963 “Now is the time…”. Yes, during Black August month now is the time to remember all the Black leaders who resisted oppression and stood up and marched forward for civil rights. We continue this lovely dream as we continue to build Beloved Community together, resisting oppression and loving each other.


We’re at a time that this dream of liberation is being realized in small and large ways, with your support. On Saturday August 19th we broke ground for renovation of the 7 units of affordable cooperative housing at 1031 E. Monument.


Joy and celebration was in the air as members and friends of VOLAR shared words of gratitude and encouragement. What a wonder!











Review our story of acquisition and pre-development and view a tour of the rectory here.

The very next Monday August 21st we shared about plants and herbs for healing and members learned how to plant tomatoes, aloe vera, and rosemary at our monthly Learning Circle.
















We hope you can take the time to enjoy our bi-annual newsletter with updates on all the programs that have been building and healing in East Baltimore.

Folks, in order to continue this good work of healing and rebuilding connections and community, we need you! If you already contributed to this year’s Black August appeal, THANK YOU! If you haven’t had the chance, please lean into an offering that’s comfortable for you, all donations are welcomed!


Your contributions in any form, will help VOLAR hire staff organizers, assure rigorous financial accountability, implement the design and renovation of the Community Hub at 1025 Monument Street, and support the next Lucille Gorham Fellow who will continue to organize with residents in East Baltimore. 


To donate to VOLAR please visit our website here or copy this link into your browser: and click on "donate".


Send a check to: 


121 N. Broadway 2nd Floor

Baltimore MD 21231


Make a direct transfer to our bank account. Send an email to for the account information. 


In the Spirit of Black August, collective leadership, and self-determination,


The VOLAR Caretaking Council - Dominic, Katherine, Kenneth, Lenora, Marisela, Pam and Sabriya 

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